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DYLANism: My sweaters don’t feel that soft


Dylan: “Hey, can I pet your dogs?”

Neighborhood guy: “Sure you can. They like to be petted.”


Dylan: “What kind of dogs are they? They are really soft.”

Neighborhood guy: “They are poodles. Watch out they might jump up on you!”

Dylan: “Poodles, huh? They sure are cute and friendly.

I think they need a shave!”

Neighborhood guy: “What makes you say they need a shave?”

Dylan:  “They look like sheep!”

Thank you! Thank you! I am yours all da week

Thank you! Thank you! I am yours all da week




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4 thoughts on “DYLANism: My sweaters don’t feel that soft

  1. Ahhhh, she can’t stay 4 years old forever. I try and I try and beg and I beg for her not to get any bigger but she just shakes her head and tells e she can’t help it… I told her she was a lot easier to hold at 4 or 5. And now she is getting some weight behind her when she body slams me… Oh, for her to be 4 again…. ….’date with a boy’ (sigh)

  2. I blame it on that school!
    Some good brainwashing is needed.

  3. She has, and continues to grow. These little gems are getting fewer and fewer so I have to capture them whenever I can. Like this morning, her sister came down stair for breakfast, dressed only in her underwear. Her room must have gotten hot last night. But Dylan was perplexed at the site of her sister almost naked at breakfast and she tells me she looks like she had a date with a boy (!). WTF? I asked her what made her think that. She just shrugged her shoulders. She is in first grade! I can’t see HER having a date with a boy then for about 20 more years! I hope you are doing well Maria! Thanks for dropping by!

  4. How sweet is that? She is looking like she has grown a ton! I love what comes out of babe’s mouths. Hope you are well. 🙂

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