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Not all fun and games….

We learned in our Happiness class that one of the traps of social media is that you only see the best parts of people’s lives and not the tragedies and turmoil that make up our daily lives but don’t show up in FB or WP posts.

So before I let you in on my next post on our annual trip to the mountains to escape the heat and humidity on the coast, let me tell you, “it ain’t all fun and games.”

Trigger alert: pain and suffering…

Last week included getting a speeding ticket on our trip to the cabin, getting a flat tire, stop and go highway traffic jams, losing power in the cabin and no firewood in a cabin advertised with ‘unlimited firewood’.

But we did make it to our cabin rental in the Smokey Mountains of NC……

It was exciting settling in to our retreat.

The first day we thought we would rent a pontoon boat and sight see on a large resivor in TN. We brought both the dogs. We were gonna do a little fishing.

We were really looking forward to the fun!

Settle down everyone!

Settle down!

(it was a long drive)

So with things not getting too lively I thought I might liven up the day….

and toss Dylan overboard…

It was an overcast day in the Smokey Mountains.

We learned the smokey mountains get there name from the moisture rising right out of the ground and water.

… Chumley was excited when we did some fishing.

The next day we hit a mountain river for some slightly more excitement…

…for some white water rafting

It was alright

Then the kids got to go to the (tower of terror) zip line obstacle course…

that took about 5 years off my life the last time I tried it.

So I did some mountain biking instead…

.…not to be confused with trail riding

It was kinda intense at the time but this ol man, relying on his bike skills from his youth, made it to the top.

Our next day was an old favorite from our last trip, mountain trail riding on horseback.

It was a lot to enjoy…

..when our horse wasn’t brushing us against trees or trying to knock us off in the trees.

Then it was back to our cabin and the neighborhood ‘Riverwalk’ park that the girls enjoyed last time;

complete with their own zip-line…

..and for some more foolishness by the stream.

We also did the mandatory campfires with whatever wood we could find.

Along with the mandatory Blair Witch type ‘ghost stories‘.

It was kinda creepy.

For instance some ‘thing’ took this video.

It wasn’t me!

The night ended up producing the Ghost of a lost nittany mountaineer!!

‘Big John!’

Like I said,


And what trip to the mountains would be complete without doing some hiking trails

in search of waterfalls before heading home

Little did I know it was a set up for a new background in a Tik-Tok video

So our ‘cool’ trip to the mountains was a lot of fun.


Did I mention speeding tickets, no power, flat tires and traffic jams?

It wasn’t all fun and games!

(But still alotta fun)


That’s about it for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better job next time.

Until then, we are going back to school around here, virtually.

So say a prayer for all of us.

I hope your week was a fun-filled one too!

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