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Extra, Extra! Suspect arrested for the closing of local schools

Just in!

The normally balmy climate on the coast of South Carolina had taken a wicked turn this week. Schools were closed from the threat of a freezing rain and frozen streets Tuesday.

A telephone message left on our home phone Monday confirmed schools were closed in 5 neighboring counties the next day. This was odd given only a forecast of 34 overnight for a low.

Did these school districts know something we did not?

As it turned out, schools and businesses were closed up and down the coast of South Carolina Tuesday. This never happens here!

Police sniffed out a slippery suspect. They were hot on a trail!

Upon further investigation it turns out Princess Elsa has made her way to the historic town of Charleston, like so many other tourists. But unlike other well intended tourists, Princess Elsa left a trail of ice, sleet and snow. Being chased by police all around Charleston, local pol-ice finally caught up with her as she tried to freeze a local town’s fountain in front of their pol-ice station.


Further investigation revealed the Frozen Princess was responsible for record lows all over the state this week. She was apprehended with no further incident.

He gave me a ticket too

The cold never bothered me anyway

Want to build a snowman?

Want to build a snowman?

Film at 11 on ABC News 4!

My girls are upstairs in shock after seeing their Disney idol being arrested right here in their hometown!

Dylan wants to ask her if she can have off from school the rest of the week.

Skylar wants to send her a Popsicle

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