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Are you ready?

I had the opportunity to travel to a company meeting yesterday on upcoming events in 2014. These types of things usually are bolstered by some sort of funny or motivational videos to break up the meeting.

Unfortunately for you, one of these really stood out to me yesterday. I loved it.

Part of it was because it was a real life running story, and have a bit of a racing history. But another part of it just illustrated what one can achieve when you want something bad enough.

My company used it to illustrate the point of ‘Being Prepared’. But I think you can label this great achievement under a half dozen personal or professional clichés. ‘Heart’ comes to mind.

So if you can use a good motivational lift today or if you prepare similar types of business meetings yourself you really should see this….

Goal attainment comes to mind after watching that. What do you think?

What would you have done?

I had another video I have been wanting to post, but I did not want my blog to come across as one that preaches these things all the time. There are many blogs out there that can do it better than mine.

It’s actually one of my favorite commercials right now. Its by Guinness. And if you watch it don’t assume you know what the moral of the story is. Watch and see what happens towards the end. That final motto is a phrase I have lived by.

No, not the motto, “Guinness, have more”. Its the “choices we make reveal the true nature of our character“.

And I think the message there just goes back to the first video, doesn’t it?

Are you ready to have the best weekend ever?

I may go for a run……and then drink a Guinness.

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